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The rapid prototyping Rapid prototyping allows to model and / or functional parts without investment in molds/tools. Are automatic processes of addition or subtraction of material.

Obtaining physical parts to dimensional validation, functionality, reception the product on the market increases the potential of a product while minimizing costs and potential failures in development.

The evolution of prototyping systems resulted in two sub-processes that combine the capabilities of the first with the needs of changing markets. These are the RAPID TOLLING and RAPID MANUFACTURING, rapid manufacture of parts and tools. REMOLDES has systems SLS Selective Laser Sintering of powders of PA (polyamide) an additive process can produce models and prototypes with great thoroughness and detail combined with good mechanical characteristics. In RAPID Tolling, a subtractive process, we have a wide range from slabs, blocks and folders deposition.

For the RAPID MANUFACTURING we have available resins vacuum casting "VACUUM CASTING" and RIM (reaction injection molding) low-pressure, systems of Polyurethane base with characteristics similar to thermoplastics. To obtain these parts usually we use moulds considered less expensive in silicon.



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