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The polymer solutions are a reality today in the replacement of metal alloys, combining their low weight and excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion. One of the advantages of greater relevance is the ability of these materials present manufacturing times much lower which leads to a reduction in expected average 30-40% per tool for a non-ferrous metal alloy. The wear on equipment and process tools is also a point of polymer tools because all nearly materials can be worked with wood tools. Compared to other materials also have the opportunity to be hollow formatted blocks and / or special depending on need and use but the great or the biggest advantage is the ease of re-process / correction / modification of tools, making it possible and easy to perform the addition of material without loss of character by casting resin with the same chemical composition.

The research and innovation in this area has enabled significant advances also allowing the introduction of hybrid polymers materials with cargoes of metal and minerals making possible to obtain materials with excellent mechanical and physical characteristics.


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